Practical Advice – Moving Out

Practical Advice – Moving Out


Telephone, Internet & TV

About ten days before closing, contact your telephone, Internet and TV provider(s) to let them know that you are moving out.


Electricity & Gas

Contact your electricity and gas provider(s) about ten days prior to completion to tell them when you are moving out and inform them whether you are disconnecting the supply or having it transferred. Ensure you, or your estate agent, agree a meter reading on the closing day with the purchaser and communicate the reading to the provider. You should give your provider your forwarding address for the final account.



You should arrange with An Post to have your mail re-directed to your new address; there may be forms for you to complete. Make a list of who writes to you on a regular basis – banks, revenue, pension companies etc. – and contact them to inform them of your new address.



Do not cancel the household insurance on your house until the sale is officially completed.


Household Charge, Local Property Tax (LPT), NPPR Charge, Refuse Charge

Ensure the household charges are paid and furnish the receipts to your solicitor. You should contact your refuse collector to close / transfer your account to your new house.



We will require a set of keys to hand over on closing to the buyer. Any spare keys should be left safely on the premises for the buyer.



If you have an alarm installed in the house, remember to let us know the code. If you pay an annual service charge or monitoring fee to an alarm company, notify them of the change of ownership. We may need to apportion the bill between you and the buyer.


Vacant Possession

Ensure that the property is fully vacant, apart from the contents that you specifically agreed to leave.

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